A lot of what we do at Townhouse falls under the category of investigative work. We consider ourselves the CSI of the number crunching world. We relish the hard, detail-oriented work not only because we love a good challenge, but also because we appreciate the significance of what we’re doing. This loan sales project for a big regional bank provides the perfect example of Townhouse’s gumshoe attention to every detail. It shows our expertise in spotting significant clues. And it’s a great show of how we can apply our keen intellect to provide a client with due diligence that helps them make an informed bid.


Our client asked us to review no less than 250 assets for a bid on a portfolio made up of a wide variety of classes and properties across the country. In the mix, there were high end, high exposure properties ranging from top-of-the-top retail to multi-family properties. There was no easy way to pin a figure on the portfolio. Much of the valuation was not readily available through public sources. We had to dig in and do the private eye work on every single one of the 250. And did we mention that we had a week?

What we did

Using the information provided and our own insights and expertise, we set to work. We performed site visits from Atlanta to Las Vegas and from urban centers to the suburbs across the country. We kept our laptops humming as we flew across mountain ranges and plains. We had countless conversations with our network of experts—from appraisers and brokers to market experts from disparate fields. We did what was necessary to expose potential problems and make informed market conclusions in order to help our client make an educated decision. For how hard we worked—you’d think it was our own money on the line. And that right there is how we approach every single project.

How it worked

We helped our clients go to the bargaining table with a competitive bid that they could believe in. When they came to us, they had a guess for what the portfolio was worth, but we gave them a number that made sense, that they could back up and that they could invest in with confidence.