Everything in this business is done in a tight timeline. Our clients typically need their projects done yesterday—and often the day before yesterday. At Townhouse, we’re geared for speed, but we’re also committed to helping you find the best solution in any circumstance. So when a large bank came to us in search of personnel to input data and provide an initial size on a loan, we said, “Yes, but let us see if we can do even better than that.”


Our client had a portfolio comprised of over 300 loans. They needed to input all these properties into individual sizing models so they could aggregate them and use them to size a potential loan. It was a tremendous amount of work and the hours it would have taken to complete the job would have been astronomical. Our client’s initial ask was for us to look at 30 or so of them. In the end, we figured out a way to look at all of them and save them weeks of work in the process.

What we did

We discovered that all of their information was available digitally. That gave us a great idea—we could build a model with all the data provided that allows for standardized implementation using technology, not manpower. If we could do that, the benefits down the road would be worth it 100 times over. So our team went to work aggregating all of the data and we built a system that would process the data for them. Rather than merely helping them with the deal at hand, we created a handy tool that they could use for this deal and others in the future.

How it worked

With the model we created, they can analyze a portfolio of loans in seconds, where it used to take hundreds of hours. That’s led to savings on labor. It’s also given them more time to dedicate to determining the sizes of the loans and the terms they want to give their clients. In other words, they are now able to focus more of their attention on the high-priority work that makes their bids more competitive and in turn will make them more profitable.