In Step with Your Consulting Needs

The changing needs of today’s banks and investors inspired Townhouse’s unique consulting model. Nothing about it is the same—from our focus on tailoring a solution to fit your needs to the customer service we deliver. Our way is defined by the exceptional people we employ, the training they receive and our collective commitment to the work we do for you.

Areas of Specialty
  • Off Balance Sheet Solutions – Our HR professionals work closely with yours to structure and maintain working arrangements that keep everyone happy. We help you satisfy financial considerations and meet legal requirements while balancing the personal and financial needs of your off balance sheet employees.
  • Hands-On Professionals – We provide flexible solutions tailored your needs. The people we hire are sharp, energetic and make great consultants. The training they receive is unparalleled, and they are all steeped in Townhouse’s culture of teamwork, quality and innovation.
  • Project Task Force – Bring us your challenges from tight closings and enormous data aggregations to large ongoing analytic projects. We’ll provide you with the solutions you need to confidently make investment decisions.