Whether you’re a bank trying to close a deal or an investor trying to price a portfolio, Townhouse’s mission is to get you the accurate data you need to invest confidently.

Our visionary consulting model provides flexible and fast solutions for companies that need additional support for a wide range of needs. The collective expertise of our talented, highly trained people and our unrelenting drive as an organization give you an advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

We get you the accurate data you need to invest confidently.
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Our Customized Bank Advisory Services range from underwriting and surveillance to cash flow modeling. Our personal approach provides you with the ideal solution for your needs—from a turnkey taskforce to a hands-on superstar.

Townhouse’s Investor Advisory Services feature an unrivaled mix of cash flow modeling, nuanced number crunching and prescient market evaluation. Our advisory services and investment reports have helped investors save millions and make billions.

Our Perfect-Fit Consulting Solutions provide the off balance sheet consulting model that’s tailor-made for today’s banks and investors. We start with your needs and provide the ideal skill set, working arrangement and attitude for you to succeed.