Co-Founder and Managing Director

Craig is a visionary with technology in his blood. In the financial world and especially in the commercial real estate industry, he is a known-entity, one of only a handful of people who can create the financial models he does.

What his team can do for clients often astounds them. He specializes in modeling and analytics across a broad range of asset classes and scenarios. As a conceptual strategic thinker with extensive hands-on experience in data procedures and systems, Craig is known for an ability to take disparate data and quickly analyze it to reach actionable conclusions.

He is constantly sought after for his expertise. He is often described by clients as, well, brilliant and a guru when it comes to creating Excel models. But his brilliance is not by accident—technology is a family trait and tradition. His father is a nuclear engineer and his brother is an electrical engineer. He grew up in a household that was constantly on the cutting edge of technology and where every member of the family had their own computer.

Over the years, Craig has honed his tech skills in a wide array of financial settings.
Before joining Townhouse Partners, he managed project modeling for Credit Suisse. There, he was responsible for a broad range of models and spearheaded replacement of manual analyses with systems-based tools that reduced turnaround times and resulted in more consistent data. He also managed a project which researched available renewable energy tax credits and modeled potential tax credits and loss monetization based on these opportunities.

Craig was also with Blackheath Financial—now part of Accenture. There, he created and managed underwriting models for complicated healthcare transactions totaling over $3 billion. He also managed due diligence reviews and product reviews. In each case, he used his expertise in strategic automation to provide comprehensible and reliable top-level data more quickly with less staff time.

Craig is in his element in New York City. Originally from Pennsylvania, Craig was introduced to the city during his studies at Hofstra University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and graduated with honors. For someone whose twin passions are technology and finance, there’s no better place to be. In his spare time, Craig reads, and when he can’t read, he listens to podcasts. That makes him very well informed, a trait that aids his perspective in advising clients. Politics, history, economics, and science fiction inspire his world perspective.