Townhouse is home to a different way.

Here you’ll find a unique form of high-end hands-on due diligence services unlike those offered by any other firm anywhere. Our hardcore depth of experience and personal, quality-focused approach makes us a safe haven for the biggest underwriting challenges facing banks and investors today. Everything we do is to help you get clear information. We provide the story and support you need to properly make your investment decision. We consider it a matter of personal pride to not let you give your money away. That means providing you with the same details and accuracy we would demand if we were making the investment decision with our own money. At 7 PM when your deal takes a turn that spins everything on its head (it always seems to happen that way), you can call us and very likely still find us working on your project. We’re in it with you. We simply can’t help ourselves. We love the work and everything about it. Our collective passion for number crunching and creative analysis led to a culture that’s defined by teamwork and drive you won’t find at other firms. Our passionate approach drives us to go beyond data input, and compels us to search for the value-add on every project. Often that means creating a timesaving model or process improvement that saves you hundreds of man-hours or millions of dollars on a deal.

Due diligence is our passion.
What can you expect when you call Townhouse in on a project?

Competence and commitment that inspires the utmost confidence. To many of our clients with seemingly impossible asks, our involvement is nothing short of a miracle. Here are the ten underpinnings of our house process:

  • First off, we get to work quickly. You call, we go.
  • Before we start burning man-hours, we perform a situation analysis.
  • We make recommendations for process, technology and manpower.
  • We put together a team—make that the kind of SWAT team that only someone who knows and has worked with top-notch people can quickly assemble.
  • We get to work while constantly looking for modeling experiences that could make the process better for you.
  • We collaborate closely with you and the key people on your project are available when you need them.
  • Due diligence is our passion. Our natural curiosity drives us to get you the data you need.
  • We draw on deep deal experience to provide you with informed analysis and keen insights.
  • We consult throughout—you get more than your numbers crunched, you get the benefit of our experience.
  • We’re with you when last minute information comes in—a new ask, a new data point, an update—and we make the changes that help you succeed.