Beyond Diligent Advisory for Owners

Whether you’re a developer, investor, or the manager of a hedge fund or REIT—our people do the job you wish you could do, but don’t have time to do. Townhouse’s solutions could take the form of a project task force or a hands-on consultant or consultants. It all starts with your needs. Our robust talent pool and training standards enable us to respond quickly with an appropriate skill set or team. In all cases, our people work quickly, but we also work intelligently. At times when we employ technological solutions, Townhouse has been known to save clients hundreds of man-hours and millions of dollars. On any project, our priority is providing you with the insight and information you need to invest with confidence. We treat your money like it was our own—and we won’t let you waste a penny.

Areas of Specialty
  • Cash Flow Modeling through Argus
  • Proprietary Waterfall Modeling
  • Nuanced Number Crunching and Financial Deconstruction
  • Market and Property Evaluation
  • Acquisition and Disposition Analysis
  • CAM Reconciliations / CAM Audits
  • Income, Reimbursements and Expense Analysis
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Discounted Debt Analysis and Acquisition
  • Technical, Analytical and Financial Model Creation
  • Asset Management Support
  • Process Assessment and Consulting
  • Development of Proprietary Technology
  • Pass-Through Consulting Solutions
  • Hands-On Consulting Resources