Customized Bank Advisory Services

Townhouse works with major lending institutions that need teams to come in, take ownership, provide solutions, and follow a project through to the 3AM finish line. Our goal is simply to help you close your deal quickly. We can help you efficiently organize vast amounts of data. We also provide programming and modeling expertise that consistently saves clients time and money. These advantages set us apart from any consultant in commercial real estate today.

Areas of Specialty
  • Preliminary Loan Sizings
  • Due Diligence Coordination
  • Loan Underwriting
  • Asset Summary Reports / Investment Memoranda Preparation
  • Cash Flow Modeling including ARGUS
  • Lease Abstraction
  • CAM Reconciliations / CAM Audits
  • Bank Statement Auditing and Reconciliation
  • National Site Inspections
  • Market and Sub-Market Analysis
  • Securitization Tape Creation
  • Third Party Report Reviews
  • B Piece Underwritings
  • Service Contract Review
  • CMBS Analytics
  • Surveillance and Securitization Support
  • Data Aggregation and Automation
  • Health Care Underwriting
  • Asset Management Review
  • Process Assessment and Consulting
  • Development of Proprietary Technology
  • Pass-Through Consulting Solutions
  • Hands-On Consulting Options