We opened the doors to Townhouse in 2009 at a time when the commercial real estate market was for the most part at a standstill. Not the best time to start a business—unless you had something truly unique in mind. Such was the case for our founders, David Stern and Craig Lombard.

Both were veterans of the commercial real estate consulting world and were convinced things would come back. During their ten-plus years consulting, David and Craig had been through the cycle before and they recognized the pattern. They knew that companies would need the kind of good help they’d relied on in the past. But this time around, they’d need consulting solutions that were more flexible and responsive than in the past.

To David and Craig, it seemed like the perfect time to launch a totally new kind of consultancy to satisfy the coming need for talented commercial real estate analysts. Their vision was to become the go-to for underwriters whether they needed an off balance sheet solution, a hands-on consultant or a task force of specialists to take on a specific project.

In Townhouse, you’ll find a partner of partners.

That was really just the beginning of their vision, too, because the way in which they wanted to fulfill the growing needs of the market was unique as well. Their idea was inspired by their shared work experiences working at young, growing companies in the past. They wanted to create an exciting culture and company to work for—and for clients to work with. It was also inspired by their passion for the work and the opportunity it gave them to help clients out in challenging situations where the financial stakes were high and their contribution could save—or make—their clients millions, even billions.

That led to what has quickly become one of the premier specialty firms in the field today.
Townhouse’s right time, right idea approach has already won us projects from the industry’s leading banks and national real estate investment companies. Our expertise in providing proprietary financial modeling is in high demand and our client-centered approach is gaining a growing roster of repeat clients.

In Townhouse, you’ll find a partner of partners. We’ve created the ideal consultancy for clients who want high quality work and someone who’s in it with them even to the wee hours of the night.

Townhouse is home to something special. Our people share our common passion for problem-solving, are fused by a supportive and integrated culture unlike any in the industry, and bolstered by the ideal balance of relentless drive and deal-experience.

In an industry that continues to change, our commitment to helping you make investment decisions with confidence remains constant.

David Stern, Founder & President>
Craig Lombard, Co-Founder & Managing Director>
David Muringi, Managing Director>
Arish A. Akanda, Director>
Janine Santoro, Director, Human Resources >